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Improving Efficiency
in Primary Care

A Decision Guide

Prepared by the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine; Funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Help for Practices Large and Small to Improve Efficiency

AHRQ is pleased to provide a web-based decision guide tool for improving efficiency and reducing waste in primary care. If you are ready to make some changes in your practice, this tool is designed to provide primary care clinicians and managers with answers to questions like:

Roadmap to Efficiency Improvements in Primary Care

Below we have presented the major areas associated with efficiency within primary care within the context of the patient visit. Areas in pink are activities that typically occur prior to patient check-in; areas in yellow are activities that typically occur during the patient visit; and areas in blue typically occur after patient check-out. For more detailed information on specific areas please click on one of the boxes.

The cycle of sources of ineffiency, starting with scheduling appointments, patient phone calls, verifying insurance, practice layout, hierarchy and appropriate staffing, communication, medication refills, third party payers, and managing test results.